A site-specific performance in collaboration with Operaestate Festival Veneto

On Sunday 18th July the Old Garden will host Ossigeno/Coexistence: a site-specific performance born from the collaboration between the University of Padua and Operaestate Festival Veneto, in which nature, audience and artists coexist in the same place. A kind invitation to accept and explore a complex environment, to engage in conversation with it by activating all the senses, and to enjoy a deep and intimate experience. How can the action of breathing create a sense of coexistence between body and movement? How can we breathe together?

Ossigeno/Coexistence is performed by four young dancers-authors: Vittoria Caneva, Anna Grigiante, Ilaria Marcolin, Elena Sgarbossa.

Participation is by booking and it is included in the Botanical Garden ticket. There are four slots available, starting at 11am, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm. The event lasts about 30 minutes and takes place outdoors, in the Old garden: walking and staying in the sun or in a light rain is part of the experience. In case of severe weather the event will be postponed and, if you booked your place, you will be notified by mail the day before.