Guided tours

Guided visits are available with prior booking, held by the Botanical Garden’s nature guides. These visits may be for single individuals, school groups of all levels and groups of tourists. The visits start in the Visitors’ centre. 

tel.  +39 049 8273939 



Individual guided visits

Guided visits – general introduction – to the Botanical Garden are available in Italian subject to availability of places (booking recommended) for individual visitors and small groups.

Only on Saturday, Sundays and all holidays at 10.30 am and at 3 pm (starting in the Visitors’ centre).


Individual, € 5 

Family (2 adults with 3 children aged 12 or less), € 10 


Guided visits for schools and groups 

Guided visits for schools and groups last 90 minutes. For groups of a maximum of 30 people.

Guided visits for schools and groups are available exclusively by prior appointment:

tel.  +39 049 8273939 


These visits are available in Italian, English and French. 


Adults, € 80/group 

Schools and students/staff of the University of Padua, € 70/group


The guides accompany visitors to the Orto antico (Old Botanical Garden) and to the Giardino della biodiversità (Biodiversity Garden) to discover the incredible variety and adaptability of plants. The itinerary starts in the Renaissance spaces of the hortus cinctus and then leads through the biomes of the new greenhouses.


The following thematic itineraries will shortly be made available:

The Orto antico (Old Botanical Garden)

Seeking out the oldest species in the hortus simplicium, designed for the collection, observation and study of plants since its foundation in 1545, revealing a wide variety of plants (currently over 3,500 species are present).

The Giardino della biodiversità (Garden of Biodiversity)

More than 1,300 plant species in uniform climatic environments in terms of temperature and humidity emulating the conditions of the planet’s biomes in an itinerary that also takes in anthropological items and interactive exhibits.

Plants and man

A voyage of discovery of plants in their daily relationship with man: a source of nourishment and cures for sickness, the raw materials for clothes, objects, musical instruments and media for writing.

Plants and the environment 

A virtual voyage from the Equator to the Poles to discover the ecosystems and associated plant species populating them. Biomes in geographically very separate territories in Europe, Asia and America but similar in climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, intensity of light).