Planet Book. The exhibition

If wise and peaceful aliens one day come to visit us, the first thing they will ask is how we have taken care of our planet.

"Planet Book. The exhibition" features a selection of the most significant photographs from Planet Book, the editorial project born from collaboration between Contrasto and the University of Padua, edited by Telmo Pievani and bringing together 200 photographs commented by a group of students from the University of Padua.

Leitmotif of the sixth edition of Risvegli, the cultural and scientific event promoted by the University of Padua, this collective project stems from a new shared awareness that could be defined as humanistic and scientific ecologism: humanistic, because the interests of nature and the human species coincide completely; scientific, because based on evidence and the interpretation of experimental data quantifying the changes taking place.

Adopting the point of view of millennials and post-millennials, heirs to a heavy global environmental debt with increasingly devastating effects, as demonstrated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the book recounts our dependence on our host planet and at the same time the profound transformations we have inflicted on it.

The photographs are grouped according to the four elements employed by ancient philosophers to understand the world: water, earth, fire and air. The fifth element is us in all our ambivalence, capable as we are of admirable creative impetus and destructive impulses.

“In producing the Planet Book, we were guided by the hope that the revelatory power of these photographs, each an interpretation of the complex transition underway, together with the visions of the young people of the 21st century, could make a small but significant difference in the open minds of each one of us.”

Telmo Pievani
Department of Biology
- University of Padua